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Regenerative Agriculture
Mentoring Program

The Regenerative Agriculture Mentorship Program (RAMP) aims to support the growth and development of farmers to become regional champions of regenerative agriculture.

Background & Guiding Principles

The RAMP vision is to create resilience through regenerative agriculture education-based, group mentoring.

Mentoring, which partners an expert mentor in regenerative agriculture with local farmers in regional hubs, is the best mechanism to achieve this vision. Farmers learn best from other farmers and knowledgeable, respected service providers (extension officers, agronomists, field service staff, training companies and practitioners); having industry leading mentors is key to a successful program.

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The RAMP is committed to the exchange of knowledge, connection and ideas to inspire and empower agricultural collaborations.

The RAMP delivers values-based experiences from trusted regenerative agriculture experts, helping farmers understand complex systems to better manage their land while developing capacity to respond to the challenges they face in a strategic, rather than reactionary way.

RAMP resources

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